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Patient Testimonials

"I have trusted Karl exclusively with my dental needs since he first entered the practice. He is caring, considerate, professional, and enjoyable. I recently moved and travel 2 hours for visits. He is the best"

-Pete N., Cape Cod, MA

"My parents have been going to Dr. Karl for over 25+ years first seeing his dad and continuing on with Dr. Karl. I have been going since I was a little kid and would never dream of going anywhere else. Dr. Karl and his staff are very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable and always very friendly with smiles on their faces. Always appreciate his care and skill when working on my teeth. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

-Paige N., Quincy, MA

“Dr. Karl Arakelian has been my dentist for over 20 years. He is not only friendly, but genuinely cares and takes time with me (as well as my wife and two sons, who are all also patients). He is very knowledgeable, professional, and up-to-date with the most modern treatments and procedures. It does not matter whether it is a simple cleaning, or an unexpected problem, Dr. Karl and his staff have always there to help, and, at times, on very short notice. He and his staff are also great with my two sons, who he has seen as patients since they were toddlers.
It is a great dental office, for adults and for kids as well.”

-Chris S., North Andover, MA

“My family has been going to Dr. Arakelian for many years. He has been my dentist my entire life and has been the dentist for both of my parents for at least as long as I have been alive. Both myself and my parents have NEVER run into any concerns regarding "Dr. Karl." He has been considered a friend of my family for as long as I have known him. There isn't a single person who looks forward to going to the dentist but the great thing about Dr. Arakelian, his staff, and his office is that it is a comfortable and positive environment. Every time I come in (besides grabbing a couple of golf tees from the office book case) he always sees me, we shake hands, and chat for a few minutes before even talking about my teeth. For the years that I have been going there, I have always felt like a friend not "just another patient." I have and always will continue to see Dr. Arakelian.”

-Tyler D., Salem, NH

"Dr . Karl Arakelian is an extraordinary Dentist. He has that rare combination of being an extremely caring person and a technically brilliant Dentist. My family and I have been his patients for many years....... my wife and I have had many crowns/etc done over the years and they still look beautiful and perform perfectly. I recently had an emergency with a cracked tooth......... in a panic, I called Dr. Karl and he agreed to make time to see me within 1 hour; he did another beautiful crown!!

I recommend Dr Arakelian in the highest manner!! The staff is amazing and caring!!"

- John L. (Andover, MA)

"This letter is to thank you for thorough professionalism and keen attention to detail during my very first visit to your office that led to the discovery of a tumor under my jaw that was previously overlooked by both my former dentist, and my primary care physician.

In November, 2012, I came to your office as a new patient for a cleaning. As part of the visit, you conducted an oral cancer screening. During the screening you noticed a mass under my jaw on the right side. It had been there for some time, and neither my primary care physician nor my former dentist seemed to notice it as a problem, so I tried to dismiss it. You recommended, and urged me to look into further it and referred me to the appropriate specialist, who confirmed the presence of a mass. Surgery occurred in January, 2011 to remove the mass tucked under my jaw on the right side, which, turned out to be a 2.5 cm benign tumor.

Your thorough exam and attention to detail, even on your newest patient, is to credit for the finding and removal of the tumor. Thank you for your expertise, and truly caring spirit. While I was pretty unhappy about needing to change dentists last year, I'm very grateful that you took me on as a new patient and wish I'd sought you out sooner!"

- Eric S. (Haverhill,  MA)

"Dr. Arakelian (or Dr. Karl, as his patients fondly refer to him) is without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable and progressive dentists in MV area.He is always updating his practice with the most advanced technology and treatments.  For example, thank goodness there are no longer big needles of Novocaine to fear! It's now painless and easy to go to Dr. Karl's practice!My family has been with him for almost 20 years now and neither he, nor his staff, has ever been rude or disrespectful!On the contrary, if something is not suited to his expertise or practice, he will willingly refer them out to a competent colleague or specialist. Dr. Karl's staff is fantastic and always flexible to meet my ever-changing schedule and needs. My kids have never, ever in 20 years complained about going to the dentist because Dr. Karl, and his team, are excellent.They have a pleasant and comfortable manner that puts you at ease and makes you feel confident in their professional ability.I can also tell you that I am usually in and out in a very short time , and that includes "in office", same day crowns! Some of my friends who have other dentists have to wait a week or more with a temporary fix, while I am in and out in 1 hour complete! No need for multiple visits.Dr.Karl is also very generous and supportive of the community in which he practices. For me, personally, this is an important aspect and speaks to his character. In addition to his generous charitable contributions, he has also "paid it forward" by volunteering his time in elementary schools and educating the community on the importance of dental health and hygiene.I don't know where Nicholas V is getting his information, but I can not for the life of me understand this. There are literally hundreds of current and former patients, that would gladly support a more positive review. It is a shame that some people can slander and leave false information for others to see with no penalty or recourse."

-Gina K (Haverhill, MA)

"I left my former dentist 4 years ago because I was not satisfied with the level of care I had been receiving. My husband was a patient of his & her father before him, so it was an easy decision for me to to make. From the start Dr.Karl and the entire staff welcomed me as if they had been a patient for years! It was clear from the beginning I had made the right choice. I stepped out of the dark ages and into the 21st century! More importantly, Dr. Karl genuinely cares for his patients. 2 years ago, outside his normal business hours, I was in terrible pain. I called the office and the recording gave his cell phone number for an emergency. He was in the car returning with his family and told me to meet him at his office...on Christmas Eve!!! I received pain medication for a cracked tooth and was on my Merry way in no time! Thanks, Dr. Karl"

-Deb F. (Haverhill, MA)

"What can I say. I'm very pleased with Dr Karl's care. He's up to date on all the latest dental techniques including the new painless Novocaine treatment and digital x-rays. He doesn't try and sell you a high end solution when the middle or low range solution will do the trick. I know when I go in my problems will be solved. I guess the best thing I can say is -- I trust him!"

-Bruce L. (Groveland, MA)

"Dr. Karl Arakelian is the dentist for my family for 12 years. In all those years, he always provided excellent services, advised us about the best treatment to do. Knowing that he keeps himself updated in his field, it gives me full confidence in him. I feel supported by him when it comes to my dental health as he put emphasis to prevention. In addition, Dr Arakelian will make his best to accommodate his patient, even with short notice; he did it for my son last week. He is the best!"

-Richard L (North Andover, MA)

"Dr. Arakelian has been my dentist for as long as I can remember, and he's achieved the seemingly impossible - he makes me look forward to a visit to the dentist! So much so, that when I moved to Austin, Texas 3 years ago for graduate school, I never even bothered looking for a new dentist there. I simply time my cleanings for when I am home for a visit. I'd say my commitment to coming to him all the way from Texas is testament to Dr. Arakelian's abilities, friendliness, knowledge, and good humor. It's always nice to see him and his staff, and to leave with a prettier, healthier smile. I recommend him without hesitation."

-Amy F. (Austin, TX)

"I have been lucky enough to call Dr. Arakelian my dentist for over 20 years. Over those years I have grown to know him as Dr. Karl and even just "Karl". He and his staff are warm and welcoming and always willing to squeeze you in for an appointment. Service is quick and hassle-free.Karl is always looking to add to his dental expertise and each visit to his practice provides new insight into the technological advances taking place in the industry. I have experienced everything from a routine teeth cleaning and x-ray to a major dental implantation while in Karl's care. I have never had a painful or unpleasant experience in his office, something few people can say when discussing dental work. If I ever needed treatment not provided by his practice, Karl did not hesitate to recommend the BEST service elsewhere. There are no gimmicks or games here. There is no one I trust more than Karl with my teeth and as long as he is in business I will call him my dentist! He truly cares about his patients and that is evident throughout the Merrimack Valley. My entire family and many of my friends also call Karl their dentist and have for many, many years."

-Bryce M. (Brighton, MA)

"Three years ago I went to Dr. Karl for a crown, I told him to make the crown, "not shaving cream white but the next one down"..........he told me it would stand out as my other teeth were not white.We then formulated a plan, three years later, 5 crowns and 6 veneers, my smile is amazing.My teeth are perfect and look very natural.I plan on getting my bottom six with veneers as well this coming fall.Dr. Karl is affordable and the LOCATION IS PERFECT.Could not be any more ECSTATIC about the way my teeth look.The staff is great as well.THANKS KARL!!!!

-Mike C. (Haverhill MA)

"If you are looking for a dentist look no further!!! Not only is the staff wonderful but Dr. Karl is a kind, caring person and a master in his field! I have referred my friends to him over the years and they are just as happy.Give them a try, you will not be disappointed."

-Cindy O (Bradford, MA)