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Dentures – Haverhill, MA

Affordable Full & Partial Dentures That Look Natural

Your teeth are supposed to last a lifetime with the right care. Unfortunately, even with the best care, tooth loss can occur. In fact, more than 35 million Americans have lost all their teeth along the top or bottom arch. When this occurs, your quality of life drastically declines. Eating and speaking become challenging and your confidence quickly decreases. If you do not replace your missing teeth, your overall health can suffer due to nutritional limitations. Thankfully, you can replace your missing teeth with dentures. As your Haverhill, MA dentist, Dr. Karl Arakelian offers the solutions you need to regain a complete, confident smile.

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Why Choose Karl Arakelian, DMD for Dentures?

Restore Your Smile with Dentures

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Dentures are among the most preferred option to replace missing teeth because they are affordable, effective, and convenient. Due to various advancements, dentures now look and feel more natural than ever before, so you can smile with security and confidence. We offer both full and partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth. Using the best technological advancements, we will create a dental prosthetic that offers the ideal fit. With the right fit, you can rest assured you will be able to eat and speak without having to worry about slipping, irritation, or discomfort.

Using the best materials available, your oral function will improve while you replace your teeth with an option that looks natural. Now, dentures no longer feel as bulky and they take on a more natural appearance too – this means you do not have to worry about anyone noticing your teeth are fake. You will gain a durable and effective option to regain a complete smile!

Options to Replace Teeth

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Depending on your degree of tooth loss, we offer different types of dentures to meet your needs, including:

Partial Dentures

Replace one or more missing teeth by bridging the gap with prosthetics. The custom-made false teeth will fill in the space of missing teeth. The appliance is then held in place using clips or brackets to give you added security and comfort when eating and speaking.

Conventional Dentures

A custom-made appliance can replace a full arch of teeth on both the top and bottom jaw. Teeth are attached to a gum-colored base, which is held in place using a denture adhesive.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Using dental implant posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone, you gain the best solution to treat tooth loss. This lifelong option very closely mimics the appearance and function of natural teeth while restoring your oral health.

Learn About Implant-Retained Dentures

To choose the best type of denture to meet your needs and lifestyle, you will need a consultation with your Haverhill, MA dentist Dr. Arakelian. He will perform an extensive examination to create a customized treatment plan to restore your smile and quality of life.

Get a Complete Smile Today

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If you are tired of living with tooth loss, it is time to replace your missing teeth. We will help you regain your confidence and enjoyment for life with dentures. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Arakelian.

Denture FAQs

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If you have missing teeth, you know from experience how much tooth loss can affect your overall quality of life. Luckily, you can restore a fully functioning grin with dentures in Bradford. Throughout the process of rebuilding your smile, we strive to be as helpful as possible! For that reason, we’ve decided to compile answers to some frequently asked questions below. Should you need personal assistance, don’t contact us.

How Long Will You Have to Wait to Get Dentures After Your Teeth Are Pulled?

Usually, patients have to wait about six to eight weeks after getting their teeth extracted to receive dentures. Of course, the exact amount of time may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Although waiting several weeks may seem lengthy, it is essential to ensure the proper healing of your gums. In some cases, immediate dentures can be fitted on the same day as the tooth extractions. However, these dentures will require replacement sooner than anticipated as your jawbone shape changes while you recover.

If you’re choosing implant dentures, you must wait approximately three to six months for osseointegration to occur, which is the process of dental implants fusing with the jawbone. Only after this period can Dr. Arakelian proceed with placing your new set of teeth.

Will It Hurt to Get Dentures?

After getting your teeth pulled, you’ll likely experience mild soreness for the first few days following the procedure. The good news is that you can alleviate this discomfort by taking prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication as instructed. Once you get your dentures, it’s normal to go through an adjustment period where your gums feel irritated. While it can take several months for this discomfort to fade, it should gradually diminish over time. As long as you follow post-op instructions, your smile should be back to normal in no time!

Can I Sleep with My Dentures?

While it is possible to sleep while wearing dentures, we highly advise removing them before going to bed. This practice allows your gum tissue and jawbone to rest and rejuvenate after the pressure of supporting your dentures throughout the day.

Taking out your dentures before sleeping also presents the perfect opportunity to soak them in a denture-cleaning solution or water. If your dentures dry out, they may lose their shape. Exposing them to hot water can have the same effect. That’s why it’s crucial to only soak them in room-temperature or cool liquids.

What Can’t You Eat with Dentures?

Dentures allow you to enjoy most of your favorite foods, but there are certain types that can increase the risk of shifting your new teeth out of place. You should avoid consuming sticky foods such as gummy candies and peanut butter, as they are hard to chew and can easily displace your dentures. Moreover, these sticky foods may leave particles trapped underneath your restorations, leading to gum irritation.

Additionally, meals that are excessively hard can pose challenges and potentially damage your teeth replacements. Foods like popcorn, nuts, apples, and corn on the cob fall into this category. It’s also recommended that you minimize the consumption of tough meats like pork chops and steak to avoid excessive chewing. Being mindful of these food choices will help ensure the stability and longevity of your new smile!

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