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Restorative Dentistry for Haverhill

husband and wife standing outdoors What can you do when you develop a cavity, break a tooth, or even lose a tooth? The best response is to turn to a trusted restorative dentist like Dr. Arakelian. With more than a thousand hours of advanced education and training, he is more than equipped to provide exceptional restorative care to patients in and around Bradford. We promise to deliver the personalized service you deserve, all with the goal of helping you reclaim good health and wellbeing.

Our Restorative Dentistry Services We Offer


Do you have an incomplete smile? At Dr. Karl Arakelian's dental practice in Bradford, we offer quality dentures and partials to help patients just like you achieve a fuller, healthier smile. A partial denture is designed to help you replace a few missing teeth and is held in place by clips or brackets. A full denture, meanwhile, replaces an entire row of upper or lower teeth and is held in place by suction or an over-the-counter adhesive. With proper care, you can enjoy your prosthetic for years to come.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are designed to go over teeth that are decayed, fractured, or vulnerable in some other way, restoring their health, strength, and beauty as a result. Bridges, meanwhile, fill gaps left behind by missing teeth. They’re composed of a prosthetic tooth plus one or two abutment crowns. Your abutment crowns are placed on healthy teeth and provide your entire prosthetic with strength and stability. Learn more about crowns and bridges.

If you need restorative help, don't hesitate to call Karl Arakelian D.M.D. today. We're delighted to offer exceptional restorative care to our patients from Bradford, MA and beyond.