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Preventive Dentistry for Bradford

Good oral health begins at home with routine brushing and flossing, but it shouldn’t end there. Everyone, from young children to mature adults, needs to see a dentist at least twice a year for routine preventive care.

Preventive dentists like Dr. Arakelian have two primary goals. First, they want to diagnose common problems as early as possible. Diagnosing dental problems early is essential for providing timely treatment that preserves your otherwise healthy smile. Diagnosing trouble early is just the beginning. Our team wants to help you prevent the most common dental problems from forming in the first place.

Dental Cleanings

One way our Bradford team can help you prevent common dental concerns is with routine dental cleanings. As effective as your toothbrush may be at keeping bacteria and plaque away from your teeth and gums, an experienced hygienist using advanced tools can thoroughly clean parts of your smile you may have difficulty reaching at home. And with a service like dental sealants, we can provide even more advanced protection that will stay with you in between visits.

Treating Bruxism with Custom Nightguards

Bruxism is a serious condition in which patients unconsciously grind their teeth, often as a reaction to stress. On top of this, many patients with bruxism have the most trouble with their condition while they’re asleep. Left untreated, it can contribute to frequent headaches and earaches, as well as TMJ dysfunction. But wearing a custom-made nightguard from Dr. Arakelian’s office can help you relieve your symptoms and prevent teeth from grinding together while you sleep.

Athletic Mouthguards

Athletes of all stripes should wear a mouthguard, from those who play a rough contact sport to those who participate in much milder activities. With close to 40% of all sports injuries involving the face, a mouthguard is just as essential as any other piece of personal protective equipment. For maximum protection, we recommend turning to Dr. Arakelian for a custom-made mouthguard. While you can easily buy a generic guard from just about any sporting goods store, only a mouthguard made just for your smile will give you the protection and comfort you need.

Oral Cancer Screenings

While certain behaviors, like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, are known to be associated with oral cancer, at least a quarter of cases occur in patients who don’t engage in either of these risky behaviors. That’s why Dr. Arakelian encourages all his patients to undergo routine oral cancer screenings. Diagnosing this very serious disease as early as possible is the only way to increase your chances of making a full recovery.

Is it time for your next checkup and dental cleaning, or do you have a question about one of the services above? Call our dental office in Bradford, MA. We would be happy to reserve your next visit with Dr. Arakelian. We look forward to serving you.