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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Haverhill, MA

Restore Teeth Without Metal Materials

Many of our patients have silver, or amalgam, fillings on their teeth. These dark gray spots are evidence of old cavities: an unsightly reminder of prior dental health issues. Today, there is a better alternative for restoring cavities. Tooth-colored fillings are a biocompatible option that fills the hole left by tooth decay without affecting the overall appearance of your smile. Dr. Karl Arakelian, your Haverhill, MA dentist, uses white composite resin to restore your dental health. Continue reading to learn more about the natural-looking treatment, then request an appointment in Haverhill today!

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Why Choose Karl Arakelian, DMD for Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth-Colored Fillings: An Overview

overview of filling

A perfect blend of cosmetic artistry and restorative dentistry, tooth-colored fillings are a biocompatible composite resin that is made up of smooth plastic and glass particles. The composite resin comes with a precise color-matching guide to ensure it blends flawlessly with the surrounding tooth enamel. After the filling is complete, it is indistinguishable from the rest of the smile.

To place a tooth-colored filling, your dentist takes much the same approach as with a silver filling. Dr. Arakelian will clean out all decayed portions of the tooth and then sanitize the treated area. The enamel must remain completely dry for proper bonding, so the tooth is isolated throughout the treatment. After the tooth has been cleaned and dried, our team will apply an etching acid to roughen its surface. Then, the composite resin is placed, shaped, and cured under a special light. After it has hardened, Dr. Arakelian will adjust the filling to fit your bite. The process is completed in a single appointment to our Haverhill dental practice.

White vs. Silver Tooth Fillings

silver and white fillings

Compared to the silver alternative, tooth-colored fillings offer a number of benefits. Some of the key differences between these treatments include the fact that composite resin…

Multiple Applications of Tooth-Colored Fillings

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In addition to filling new cavities, tooth-colored fillings can replace old silver fillings. Patients who have visible amalgam fillings on or around the front teeth, or people who are concerned about the potential for mercury exposure with silver, may opt to have their fillings replaced. The composite resin can also make improvements to cosmetically flawed teeth, evening out chipped, broken, slightly gapped, or otherwise cosmetically flawed teeth. Known as direct bonding, the treatment is a more affordable alternative to other cosmetic treatments and is usually completed in just one visit to our office.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you have a new cavity or are interested in replacing existing silver fillings, do not hesitate to get in touch with your cosmetic dentist near Haverhill. This treatment restores your smile’s health without taking away from the overall beauty of your smile. Contact Dr. Arakelian’s office to schedule an appointment today!

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